“Virtues” bracelet

“Virtues” bracelet

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Metal:Stainless steel

The bracelet is a remarkable piece, composed of fine stones with unique properties, combining beauty and well-being.

Ruby Zoisite, a stone with shades of green and red, is renowned for its ability to promote vital energy and passion.

Tiger's Eye, with its shimmering gold and brown bands, is a stone of protection. It is believed to bring courage, inner strength and mental clarity. It also helps balance emotions and promote decision-making.

Amethyst, a deep purple, is a calming stone. It is often associated with inner peace, meditation and spirituality. It helps calm the mind, improve concentration and promote restful sleep.

Lapis lazuli, with its royal blue sprinkled with golden flakes, is a stone of wisdom and truth. It is used to stimulate the intellect, improve communication and build self-confidence. It also helps clarify thoughts and promote introspection.

Metal: stainless steel

This bracelet is not only an aesthetic accessory, but also a powerful talisman, intended to bring mental, emotional and spiritual benefits to its wearer. Perfect for those looking to combine style and well-being, this bracelet is an ideal companion for all occasions, adding a touch of mysticism and virtue to your daily life.